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Business Type: Offer Services
Target Client: Footwear Manufacturers
Heading: The 6th Vietnam Footwear Summit 2022
Description: [Background]
According to the statistics of Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association (LEFASO), Vietnam's footwear exports will achieve more than $20 billion this year after suffering from a decline last year due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chains, consumption and trade. Combined with the signature of EVFTA and CPTPP, Vietnam's leather and footwear industry are expected to maintain high growth in the coming years.

Although Covid-19 has significant negative impact on the Vietnam Footwear Market, it also brings some opportunities for local footwear industry. Because of the pandemic, Vietnamese enterprises improves their ability to do research and development and sample design in-house. The domestic supply of raw materials and components has increased and is currently estimated to satisfy 50-60 percent of the local demand. Meanwhile, COVID-19 also has spurred decision makers to refocus more on sustainability and digital transformation.

The 6th Vietnam Footwear Summit 2021 will bring together about 150+ footwear industry experts and senior executives to deeply analyze Vietnam footwear industry from pandemic resilience to economic recovery and the new trends in Vietnam market in the Post Covid-19, such as supply chain localization and industrial cluster establish. The summit will also discuss industry hot topics such as sustainability, digital transformation initiatives in design, supply chain and manufacturing. In addition, this summit will provide a reference and industry exchange platform for Vietnam footwear market through keynote speeches and group discussions help the attendees get a better understanding of Vietnam footwear industry development status and find business opportunity.

[Summit Time/ Address]
September 15-16,2022/ Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam

20 + Industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing
100 + Participants
On-site networking with industry leaders and leading-edge enterprises
Best case studies of supply chain for resilience, agility and sustainability in Asia

[Hot topics]
True Vietnam Footwear Industry Insights in the Post-Covid 19
Government New Initiatives and Business Models in the Post-Covid 19 and Their Impact on Vietnamese Footwear Industry Recovery
How the Footwear Industry Can Act to Reduce Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Promote Sustainable Development in Vietnamese Footwear Market
Panel Discussion: Under Pandemic Resilience Period, What Policies and Regulations Will Truly Help the Recovery of Vietnamese Footwear Enterprises?
Digital Technology and Its Supports to Footwear R&D and Design
Development and Innovation of Footwear Materials Based on Environmental Protection Requirement
Current Status and Key Trend of Footwear Sourcing in Vietnam
Case Study-How Industrial Cluster Helps the Development of Local Footwear Industry
Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation Experience in Implementing for Vietnam Footwear Enterprises
Market Analysis of Digital Transformation in Vietnamese Footwear Industry
How Vietnam Footwear Industry Maintain Competitiveness through Advanced Production
How Digital Transformation Helps to Ushering in a Post-Pandemic Future for Footwear Manufacturers
RFID for Footwear Industry and How Can RFID Accelerate Transparency in the Footwear Supply Chain

Contact Details
Company Name: ECVinternational
Contact Person: Wes Wei
Job Title: Director
Address: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Country/Territory: Vietnam
Tel No: +86 21 8026 0707-803
Nature of Business: Summit Organizer

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