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Business Type: Sell Product
Target Client: Worldwide Buyers
Heading: Plastic Injection Molding
Description: As to the cost breakdown, in fact ,if all the material and standard are the same, Chinese offer will lower for sure ,because we have about 200 workers in a factory,while in Americam most of the company just about 20 workers , our labour cost is of course lower .As to the shipping cost and custom cost ,in fact , we always note this ,so we have our own Hongkong forward to save the cost,however,good communication is very important in this procedure.

As to the Chinese partners ,yes,most of the American firms have parter firms in China, while as you said ,the partner cost will be increased much especially,because both of them are growing at the same time ,so the American firms will turn to the new parters,that's why they will get so many introduction emails every day. Hope this comments would help all to understanding Chinese factories and try your best to be patience to commuction with them ,then you will found you get exceed your expection. If you are a seller, do you know what are the customer's mostly concern aspects on selecting a plastic injection mold maker in China? If you are a buyer, how do you select a reliable mold maker in China?

Part size, and cycle time are also crucial to determining material delivery methods. I have found using different materials for tooling components will also decrease cycle times by as much as 40%. There is alot to be said with the initial mold design pertaining to cost of components, the mold build and cycle time saved. Many customers wont spent the extra revenue on the proper manifold system, heat pipes, or even AmpCo inserts. To best determine what is best for the overall performance of the mold and production of parts, you should consult a full service tooling supplier.

Collect the data and make sure there is correlation of the variables (i.e., change in ambient air temp and humidity) and weld line strength before mold making process or mold changes or else you may be 'chasing your tail'. There is one assumption here as well and that is an unanswered question: Did, at one point in time, the weld line strength ever meet or exceeded the requirement? If it never has, then try everything.
Quantity: On Your Request
Unit Price: USD 2000
Payment Terms: T/T
Product Origin: China
Port of Delivery: Shenzhen

Contact Details
Company Name: Plastic Mould Manufacturer
Contact Person: jeremy Lee
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Address: Buliding B, Fengzheng industrial Park, Fengzheng RD
Postal Code: 518000
Country/Territory: China
Tel No: +86-755-96653658
Nature of Business: Manufacturer & Exporter

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