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Business Type: Sell Product
Target Client: building/construction/decoration
Heading: RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FCB Board
Description: RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board | Wall Panel | Fiber Cement Board | FCB Board

RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Boards, completely non-combustible material, incombustible highest A1 level, high temperature, high refractory limit, fire prevention function fully meet the safety of the building use requirements, is the first professional fireproof products.

RYMAX Wood Texture Cement Board series is free of asbestos and high-class fireproof decorative board autoclaved at high temperature and processed by advanced spray coating techniques. It has characteristics of lightweight, high strength, fire-proof, damp-proof, mothproof and shows good performances in lightning protection, heat insulation, sound absorption, deformation resistance and not easy to break.

RYMAX Wood pattern cement board is applicable for baseboards of high-end civil villas, multistory residences, museums and other artistic garden constructions.

* Long span life, Over 60% materials of RYMAX Wood pattern cement board are same as the main ingredient of granite, and more than 20% are same as marble;
* High-strength and fully meets national typhoon-resistance standard for civil residences;
* Light weight and being not afraid of the influence of weight for original structure;
* Low water-absorption and especially suitable for outdoor occasions of damp construct areas;
* Non-combustible material which meets the standard of GB8624-1997 and reaches A class by testing;
* Excellent performance in impact-resistance and being applicable for the buildings located in dense crowd areas and roadside;
* Good thermal insulation and can makes excellent effects of warm in winter and cool in summer;
* Completely inorganic board which is fire-proof, mildew-resistance and fungus proof to provide you healthy guarantee;
* Good cost performance which is much inexpensive than other renowned brands of similar products(real 100% asbestos-free fiber cement board).

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Product Details:
Quantity: 1000000
Payment Terms: T/T
Product Origin: China
Port of Delivery: Guangzhou China
Remark: Product Details:

Contact Details
Company Name: Guangzhou Rymax Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Rymax Feng
Address: 21, JinXiang Decor Market, NanAn Rd.,
Postal Code: 510160
Country/Territory: China
Tel No: +86-20-81811486
Fax No: +86-20-81811486
Nature of Business: Factory

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