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Posting Information
Business Type: Sell Product
Target Client: building/construction/decoration
Heading: RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Panel | Acoustic Board
Description: RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board | Soundproof Panel | Acoustic Board

RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board is developed to meet the needs of the insulation of Ultra-low frequency noises in the Bar/KTV, etc. Other sound insulation materials in the market are weak or even disable to the Ultra-low/Low frequency noises. RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board is a whole new product focused on solving the above Noises problems, it has excellent Ultra-low/Low Frequency sound insulation effects.

Product Structure:
RYMAX Low Frequency Magnesium Sound Insulation Board has a kind of the Sandwich structure, the fireproof A1 RYMAX Magnesium Board as the faceboards on both sides and high-effective Anti-vibration Damping Rubber panel in the middle. This product has very good insulation effect to the Ultra-low/Low frequency noises, especially to the noises under frequency of 120Hz~500Hz.
In the middle of the board is a new-type high-effective Anti-vibration Damping Rubber panel, the rubber panel carry the features of high-strength, damping, anti-vibration, heatproof and sound insulation, etc. which are widely used in construction indutry, vehicle/ship manufacturing industry. It can take the place of mud brick & foam polystyrene, and it has high economic value. It is a new type environmental friendly material which can save plenty of environment resources and protect/improve the ecological environment.

Product Features:
1- Environmental-friendly: easy processing in Wall Renovation, no secondary pollution to the environment;
2- Good economic value: energy-saving, space-saving, recycling.
3- Easy installation: short construction time, lower the working strength; Drillable, Nailable and Sawable, easy carrying, low human forces needed.
4- Excellent insulation effects: warm-keeping, heatproof and soundproof.

Product Applications:
Any place has the requirements of improving acoustic environment, such as the Bar, KTV, Operation Room, Lab, Machine Room, etc.

Product Picture:

Product Details:
Quantity: 1000000
Payment Terms: T/T
Product Origin: China
Port of Delivery: Guangzhou China
Remark: Product Details:

Contact Details
Company Name: Guangzhou Rymax Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Rymax Feng
Address: 21, JinXiang Decor Market, NanAn Rd., Guangzhou, 510160, China
Postal Code: 510160
Country/Territory: China
Tel No: +86-20-81811486
Fax No: +86-20-81811486
Nature of Business: Factory

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