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Posting Information
Business Type: Sell Product
Target Client: Manufacturer of Refrigeration
Heading: Pump to improve efficiency of refrigeration
Description: Advantage of LPA-Pump

There is no leakage of refrigerant due to magnetic pump.
LPA PUMP inhales high-pressured refrigerant liquid from exit of liquid receiver to increase refrigerant flow and prevent flash-gas, so pressure of the refrigerant liquid becomes 1~2bar higher and compressor could be cooled by supply of only small volume of refrigerant liquid.

Effect on compressor (Reciprocating, Scroll and Screw)
Temperature of the cooled gas discharged by compressor is from 60 to 80 degree.
Efficiency of compress improves as additional injection line for cooling compressor is no longer necessary.
Life of operation units (ex. Valve, Piston, Bearing, etc.) increases.
Oil carbonization and motor coil abrasion are prevented.

Effect on condenser (Air-cooled, Water-cooled and Evaporating)
In case of air-cooled condenser, leakage of refrigerant is very little as flexibility is low.
In case of water-cooled and evaporating condensers, consumption of coolant is low.

Effect on evaporator
Efficiency of evaporation increases as there is no flash-gas.
In case of use of more than 2 coolers, refrigerant flow increases and efficiency of evaporation is also improved.

Effect on expansion valve
Capacity of refrigerating increases as flash-gas in under control and electricity price becomes lower.
Quantity: On Your Request
Product Origin: United Kingdom
Port of Delivery: Incheon
Remark: We possess distribution right of HY-SAVE products for Asian countries,

Contact Details
Company Name: Lointech
Contact Person: Jiwon Moon
Job Title: Sales manager
Address: No.511, Byeoksan Technopia, 560, Dunchon-daero, Seongnam-si, Gyonggi-do
Postal Code: 13230
Country/Territory: Korea
Tel No: +82-31-734-6517
Fax No: +82-31-735-6517
Nature of Business: Manufacturer/Distributor

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